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This is a place close to the hearts of many people, who call themselves the Friends of Chande.

The Chande Project is in Kitwe, Zambia and led by the Rev. Patrick Chanda, who is the Director of the orphanage and pastor of two churches, from which the orphanage name comes, Chamboli and Ndeke.

These two congregations have a huge investment of time, love and finances, and are making an eternal difference in the lives of the most vulnerable people in their community.

The Friends of Chande:

We are a group of stateside partners who have the same love and passion for this orphanage project. Keep up with the Chande Project on FACEBOOK

We are dedicated to bringing attention and aid to the orphans in Kitwe, Zambia. Pray for the children and for the orphanage leadership under the direction of pastor Patrick Chanda and his two churches. Bless you as you consider how to help these orphans in need of health care, shelter, education, spiritual guidance, and most of all, love!

Chande Project School:

Here is some information about Chande Baptist Orphanage School where the children are able to attend grades K–9.

  1. The children attend school for 3 months, have a month break, then return for another 3 months, break, etc. for a total of 9 months total attendance.
  2. During breaks, they can take extra lessons. The curriculum that is taught is Accelerated Christian Education, a home-school based program.
  3. All classes are taught in English.
  4. Due to the number of children, they attend in two 4–5 hour daily shifts.
  5. The children are well disciplined and eager to learn and know it is a privilege to be able to get an education.
  6. There is no play equipment. During recess, boys like to play soccer (usually with homemade balls made from plastic bag scraps and twine) and girls sing and interact. For these children, this is usually their only play time.

For grades 10 and above, education continues at the government school. However, students are not allowed to attend if they do not have the money to pay the government. Annual tuition is $100. For adopting an older child in grades 10 or above we are asking the supporters to pray about this additional expense and if possible provide it so these children can complete their secondary education.

Missionary Linda Miller, Regarding Life in Zambia:

  1. Most houses in town have running water and electricity.
  2. Only one mile from their home, there is a shanty township with 5000 houses, with no running water or electricity. In this township, there are 3000 widows and the number of orphaned children is unknown.
  3. Every household is affected or effected by HIV/AIDS. This disease is not slowing down and people are dying every day – there are no families that it has not touched.
  4. The average number in a household is ten. Most include orphaned children being raised by relatives and need food, clothing, and an education.
  5. At home, children are helping with younger siblings, cooking, washing, and cleaning – there is no fun time for them.

This effort is a project of God. Hopefully, you have read the Chande story and you will be in prayer for the child you are sponsoring (or are considering) as well as for this entire Project.

Financial Contributions and Child Sponsorship:

Perhaps you have already decided to support the Chande Project. It’s easy to do… so many people use online bill payment these days; just set up a monthly payment, sending your tax deductible contribution to this address:

Inglewood Baptist Church
1901 S. Carrier Pkwy
Grand Prairie, Texas 75051-3756
Put “Chande Orphanage Project” in the memo line

Stateside Partners:

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